What to do during school holidays?

Wow shool holiday has arrived! You, me and I love it. How to enjoy long school holiday? Here are some activities you can do. Have fun guys!

1. Make a cubby house under the table.
2. Invite friends over to play.
3. Read comic books
4. Play dress ups and do a play.
5. Draw pictures, scene/animal/cars etc.
6. Rearrange your furniture or room.
7. Note a letter or for your own. Haha.
8. Fly (cut to length) crepe streamers in the wind.
9. Eat under the trees or in the garden.
10.Do simple gardening.
11.Play hide and seek.
12. Make recycled paper or origami.
13.Collect insects or flower.
14.Paint yor face.
15.Use cardboard to make robot.
16. Be crafty at home: knit, paper craft, play dough, cooking or painting.
17. Glue cut out pictures from a magazine or junk mail to a piece of paper.
18. Make a photo book: take photos of your favourite things and collate them into a book.
19. Make sock puppets by gluing wool on the top of an old sock and using a permanent marker to draw eyes, nose and a mouth.
20. Do a self-portrait. Stick a large piece of butchers to the wall (or lay on the floor) and trace around your body.
21.Watching movie.
22.Go to the zoo.
23.Eat snacks.
24.Play a kite.
25.Go to the beach and collect shell or swimming
26.Play at playground.
27.Pick fruits.
28. Visit your grandparents.
30.Window shopping at shopping complexes.
31.Ride bicycle.
32.Watch TV
33.Watch and count the stars at night.

Can you list what you always do at home during school holiday? Happy holiday guys from Aziqa Online J

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