The poor people are often the most generous

The poor people are often the most generous. Let the picture talk. I found this on google while searching about poor people. Poor people are around us, please give them food, give them money..

Help the poor and hungry...

Please always help the poor and the hungry people. Give them charity, give them food :'(

Why having pets or animals will make people feel relaxes and happier?

Hi there, do like pets? Do you own a cat, a dog or a bird or might be a rabbit? If you don’t, please own one today because it can give a better impacts on your health. 

This is my pet. Teddy (2005-2008)

This is my pet also Teddy Jr (2008-2013)

Let’s find out the impacts of owning a pet or animals. Own an animal at home will make you feel more relax, healthier, happier, seldom going to hospital for treatment and comfortable.

These are the reasons: 

1) Many people has proven that pet owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels; less stress, depression, and loneliness than those who don’t own pets. Companion animals may improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and regulating the heart rate during stressful situations.

2) Cat has ability to purr. Though cats purr when they’re happy, some also purr when they are stressed as a way to calm themselves down. Not surprisingly, a purring cat soothes their human companions in the same way. 

3) Animals can also be used in occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical rehabilitation to help patients recover. Their heart rates and blood pressure returned to normal more quickly. 

4)Relations with animals provides positive social support, especially for kids.

5) Having a pet in your home is not only good for your mental health, it benefits your physical health as well. It will make you fit because you play with your pet regularly and make you smile. A smiling person will have a long life.

6) Presence of an animal without any interaction can have some calming effects. Visit your nearest zoo or go to national garden. Even turning on a nature show on television can have a calming effect or buy a rabbit and see your rabbit running in your farm.

7) Presence of animal like cat at home will avoid you from loneliness.

8) People who own an animal are loving, calm, thinks positively and wisely. This can attract women if you are a man.

9) Those who are always listen to the voice of animals will feel calm because their voice is natural without sound effects.

So according to Aziqa Online research, having animals as your pet at home will make you healthy, happy, always smile, has a long-life and brighten your days.

Err this is not pet, this is dinosaur. But you can have it as a pet if you dare. 

Simple ways and tips on how to save fuel

Petrol and diesel price nowadays rising and decreasing. This cycle never end. Filling your car with petrol or diesel need a huge cost. Let’s see how to save petrol. This fuel saving tips is very useful for every vehicle including non-electrical car.

Here are 10 simple fuel saving tips from Aziqa Online.

1. Drive in short distance and move less

Drive in short distance and park your car. Then take a walk, this is good for your health and promote green environment.

2. Avoid drive during rush hour

When you stuck in traffic jam, your car also spend lot of fuel during idle mode, so plan your driving time to avoid traffic jam.

3. Do not open your windows

The air that enters your car can make the car sleek as possible. Anything that makes wind noise as your car goes along is actually making your car more expensive to run

5. Reduce your car weight without bring unnecessary this

Throw away your dumbbell, box etc from your car so that your car will run smoothly. Imagine if you are overweight, you also hard to move, so reduce your car weight.

6. Accelerate smoothly

Always stay in moderate speed before accelerating. Stay with 90km/h for 20 minutes and accelerate not more than100km/h. If you stay around 100km/h you will save more plus can avoid accident and being summoned.

7. Don’t accelerate quickly.

If you push accelerator as soon as your car move, this will make your fuel down quickly.

8. Off the air-condition

Air-cond use fuel. So if you drive on morning, evening, or at night. Open your window narrowly (don’t open widely because your car will use fuel more) so that can save your fuel.

9. Stay in the same speed limit

Bear in mind that stay around 100kmh will make your fuel save. 

10. Regularly check the tyres pressure

Your tyre pressure must be check regularly, make sure it is not low. Lower tyre pressure will make your car use more fuel plus make your money goes low.

11. Use horse car or bicycle

Ahahaha this is just joking but if you want to apply this tips it would be a great honour.
Thats all from Aziqa Online. Better to leave a comment and share your thought. Thanks!

What to do during school holidays?

Wow shool holiday has arrived! You, me and I love it. How to enjoy long school holiday? Here are some activities you can do. Have fun guys!

1. Make a cubby house under the table.
2. Invite friends over to play.
3. Read comic books
4. Play dress ups and do a play.
5. Draw pictures, scene/animal/cars etc.
6. Rearrange your furniture or room.
7. Note a letter or for your own. Haha.
8. Fly (cut to length) crepe streamers in the wind.
9. Eat under the trees or in the garden.
10.Do simple gardening.
11.Play hide and seek.
12. Make recycled paper or origami.
13.Collect insects or flower.
14.Paint yor face.
15.Use cardboard to make robot.
16. Be crafty at home: knit, paper craft, play dough, cooking or painting.
17. Glue cut out pictures from a magazine or junk mail to a piece of paper.
18. Make a photo book: take photos of your favourite things and collate them into a book.
19. Make sock puppets by gluing wool on the top of an old sock and using a permanent marker to draw eyes, nose and a mouth.
20. Do a self-portrait. Stick a large piece of butchers to the wall (or lay on the floor) and trace around your body.
21.Watching movie.
22.Go to the zoo.
23.Eat snacks.
24.Play a kite.
25.Go to the beach and collect shell or swimming
26.Play at playground.
27.Pick fruits.
28. Visit your grandparents.
30.Window shopping at shopping complexes.
31.Ride bicycle.
32.Watch TV
33.Watch and count the stars at night.

Can you list what you always do at home during school holiday? Happy holiday guys from Aziqa Online J

The dangers of social media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more are like volcano, exploding and spreading. Most people nowadays have their own social media account.

They are some dangers using social media like :

1) Wasting time. All day waiting for people to update their news. Chatting continuously.

2) Seldom speak between person in real life. Or not speak at all.

3) Wasting money. Smartphones are expensive you know that?

4) Hard to ensure which one is the genuine information spreading from the social media.

5) All day travel with social media will make you fat!

6)  Encourage cyber bully.

7) Cracking a family or friendships.

More problem to come in the future..........

Tips to prevent account from being banned by Google Adsense

Secure your adsense account using these tips :

1) Do not click your own ads or do not do your own impressions.

2) Do not encourage anyone to click your ads.

3) Avoid using or exposing adult content, violent, racial, discriminating, harsh content in your sites.

4) Avoid from AdSense Code being change.

5) Write something fresh in your site and avoid copy paste. Do it yourself like Mr Bean. 

6) Follow the Google policy. This will make Google trust you more.

There are actually more ways to prevent your account from being banned by Google Adsense. So follow these tips and earn your adsense income passively today!

How to prevent from being infected with Ebola

Be careful Ebola virus is spreading around the world. This virus is really dangerous. Lets know how to prevent this virus.

These are some easy tips to avoid from Ebola

1) Frequently wash your hand with water and soap. Easy isn’t?

2) Handle the dead body of Ebola carefully using the person who are expert with safety equipment.

3) Do not buy or eat wild animals sold in local markets or any rural area.

4) Avoid travel to Africa countries recently.

5) Wear protective clothing such as masks, eye shields and gowns.

6) Do not contact with infected people socially, blood and with any fluids, contact only using social media that’s is more safe.

7) Always educate yourself about Ebola using the social media.

8) Treat injuries wisely and cover it quickly.

Bear in mind, prevention is better than cure!

Simple ways to open and change car tire

Hi there, today i want to show you simple tips to change car tire. Male or female can do this in case of emergency.

1 ) First, open the hood of the car , and find the tools to change a tire like jack and screwdrivers. Usually located under the bonnet carpet back of the car, along with a spare tire. And also park your car on a hard surface such as the tar road to facilitate the removing process of tires.

2 ) Open the lid rim if any . Loosen the lid rim with screw driver, do it with caution to prevent damage to the rim . Or if you think you are strong, use your fingers.

3 ) Loosen the nuts on the rim using a spanner anticlockwise direction. Take the necessary opened exhausted, quite simply unscrew only.

4 ) Put the jack to lift your car . Position jack placed approximately 2 inch of tire . Make sure the jack fit into the bones car, and turn clockwise . Turn up car tires loose enough to remove.

5 ) Go nuts on the rim, and change your tires are leaking it with a spare tire is available . Spare tire tsize is smaller than normal tires. Do not worry, it is easy to put it on.

6 ) When a spare tire is placed, put the nuts and not too tight. Lower the jack and tighten the nuts. Step on the foot on the nuts to ensure a strong enough grip screws .

Video below may help even more clearly :