Simple ways to open and change car tire

Hi there, today i want to show you simple tips to change car tire. Male or female can do this in case of emergency.

1 ) First, open the hood of the car , and find the tools to change a tire like jack and screwdrivers. Usually located under the bonnet carpet back of the car, along with a spare tire. And also park your car on a hard surface such as the tar road to facilitate the removing process of tires.

2 ) Open the lid rim if any . Loosen the lid rim with screw driver, do it with caution to prevent damage to the rim . Or if you think you are strong, use your fingers.

3 ) Loosen the nuts on the rim using a spanner anticlockwise direction. Take the necessary opened exhausted, quite simply unscrew only.

4 ) Put the jack to lift your car . Position jack placed approximately 2 inch of tire . Make sure the jack fit into the bones car, and turn clockwise . Turn up car tires loose enough to remove.

5 ) Go nuts on the rim, and change your tires are leaking it with a spare tire is available . Spare tire tsize is smaller than normal tires. Do not worry, it is easy to put it on.

6 ) When a spare tire is placed, put the nuts and not too tight. Lower the jack and tighten the nuts. Step on the foot on the nuts to ensure a strong enough grip screws .

Video below may help even more clearly :

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