How to prevent from being infected with Ebola

Be careful Ebola virus is spreading around the world. This virus is really dangerous. Lets know how to prevent this virus.

These are some easy tips to avoid from Ebola

1) Frequently wash your hand with water and soap. Easy isn’t?

2) Handle the dead body of Ebola carefully using the person who are expert with safety equipment.

3) Do not buy or eat wild animals sold in local markets or any rural area.

4) Avoid travel to Africa countries recently.

5) Wear protective clothing such as masks, eye shields and gowns.

6) Do not contact with infected people socially, blood and with any fluids, contact only using social media that’s is more safe.

7) Always educate yourself about Ebola using the social media.

8) Treat injuries wisely and cover it quickly.

Bear in mind, prevention is better than cure!

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