Simple ways and tips on how to save fuel

Petrol and diesel price nowadays rising and decreasing. This cycle never end. Filling your car with petrol or diesel need a huge cost. Let’s see how to save petrol. This fuel saving tips is very useful for every vehicle including non-electrical car.

Here are 10 simple fuel saving tips from Aziqa Online.

1. Drive in short distance and move less

Drive in short distance and park your car. Then take a walk, this is good for your health and promote green environment.

2. Avoid drive during rush hour

When you stuck in traffic jam, your car also spend lot of fuel during idle mode, so plan your driving time to avoid traffic jam.

3. Do not open your windows

The air that enters your car can make the car sleek as possible. Anything that makes wind noise as your car goes along is actually making your car more expensive to run

5. Reduce your car weight without bring unnecessary this

Throw away your dumbbell, box etc from your car so that your car will run smoothly. Imagine if you are overweight, you also hard to move, so reduce your car weight.

6. Accelerate smoothly

Always stay in moderate speed before accelerating. Stay with 90km/h for 20 minutes and accelerate not more than100km/h. If you stay around 100km/h you will save more plus can avoid accident and being summoned.

7. Don’t accelerate quickly.

If you push accelerator as soon as your car move, this will make your fuel down quickly.

8. Off the air-condition

Air-cond use fuel. So if you drive on morning, evening, or at night. Open your window narrowly (don’t open widely because your car will use fuel more) so that can save your fuel.

9. Stay in the same speed limit

Bear in mind that stay around 100kmh will make your fuel save. 

10. Regularly check the tyres pressure

Your tyre pressure must be check regularly, make sure it is not low. Lower tyre pressure will make your car use more fuel plus make your money goes low.

11. Use horse car or bicycle

Ahahaha this is just joking but if you want to apply this tips it would be a great honour.
Thats all from Aziqa Online. Better to leave a comment and share your thought. Thanks!

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