How poor is poor?

Can you imagine be so poor and so hungry that you have no choice but to eat MUD? Hungry people in the slums of Haiti are giving new meaning to the phrase "dirt poor." As food prices soar, many desperate people are eating mud cookies to stave off their hunger pangs. The Haitian woman in the photo below is preparing mud cookies by mixing vegetable oil and salt with mud. Can you imagine?

Tragically, the state of Florida is located just a little over 600 miles away from this destitute part of the world. We are so spoiled rotten in America. I saw a commercial on TV today advertising "cat litter" made from corn and wheat. While America's pets poop in litter made from food, poor children just hours away are forced to eat mud because they have NO FOOD. Do we really trust in God in America, when we allow the poor to starve to death, while simultaneously using perfectly good food to make cat sand? Sad!
Americans are spoiled! We enjoy a delicious hot meal 3 times daily, while the world's poor resort to eating mud mixed with salt and vegetable oil to survive. Tragically, many of the world's poor don't even have mud cookies and just starve to death. It's sickening! Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett, have all been honored as great humanitarians for donating several tens-of-billions of dollars to help the world's poor. What a scam! The money will all be squandered, just like the rest of the UNFPA money has been. The poor continue to starve. Who's kidding who?


The small island nation of Haiti relies heavily on food imports, but with prices soaring, some Haitians are resorting to eating mud.

The cookies -- made of dirt, butter and salt -- hold little nutritional value, but manage to keep Haiti's poor alive.

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